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Importance of Pre-Treatment

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Many issues can affect the speed & the final results of the treatment you are offering to your clients such as the glue, the technique and the quality of the eyelash extensions used.

Nevertheless, it is very important how to identify & resolve conditions that also affect the results before doing the treatment.

Similarly as we teach in our PhiLashes Advanced Russian Volume Courses, removing the make up of the customer, applying the proper cleansing solutions and treating the eyelash extensions will make the difference between good results & GREAT Results.


•Primer contains about 85 % water and 15 % alcohol.

•Alcohol dehydrates the eyelashes and affects the adhesive setting time.

Saline solution

•Use saline solution instead of a primer.

•But saline solution does not remove make-up, dirt and oil. Saline solution just gives our natural lashes moisture.

Eyelash Foaming Cleanser

•Always clean the lashes before treatment with the PhiLashes Foaming Cleanser and rinse out very well with saline solution. With this procedure you clean the lashes perfectly and add moisture to our lashes.

Moreover, It is very important that you keep all your equipment sterilized to be able to sustain hygiene excellence and awesome level of service for your customers.

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This is Thao Jana. Thanks for your tip Master Mirela 💓

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