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How to Take Professional Photos of Lashes

Updated: Jul 11, 2018


Our Courses teach you all the aspects you need to become a great Lash artist but also

How to Take Professional Photos of Lashes
How to Take Professional Photos of Lashes

what you need to Grow your business and reputation.

  • Use a good quality camera. It’s well worth investing in a high specification model to ensure consistent high quality close-up images. Good pictures a very important, as you promote your work with them. A good resolution Camera combined with a Macro-Lense can produce pictures that have exact focus on the eyelashes while blurring the not important surroundings like the skin around.

  • A good light is also very important for perfect pictures. It is also better to use cold light. Light the eye area evenly from both sides. For more advanced results you can use a difuser for the light, in order to spread the light evenly and avoid glares on the eyes or the skin of the customer.

  • Take all before-and-after pics from the same position.

  • Make sure that the pictures are clear and not blurry. Always check the pics before the customer is leaving.

  • Don’t use flash.

  • Always take pictures of the Customer BEFORE performing the treatment and memorize the angle you took the picture. AFTER the treatment use the same angle to take the pictures of the Treated Eyelashes.

  • There are many applications in the market (some of them even free) that can be used to make collages of the BEFORE & AFTER pictures to be combined in one. This will provide the full attention of others while showing the full Results of the Eyelashes Extensions.

Learning to take Perfect pictures is vital for Marketing your Skills & promoting your quality in social media.


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