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7 myths about eyelash extensions

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

From the red carpet to reality TV, it seems like glam women everywhere are suddenly sporting Bambi-long lashes, morning, noon and night. Believe it or not, their glitzy look likely isn’t credited to major mascara or magical vitamins, but rather, eyelash extensions.

From botched brow tattoos to microbladed freckles, semi-permanent beauty treatments gone wrong never fail to make headlines, so Fox News chatted with three eyelash extension specialists from across the country to set the record straight about the trend poised to only rise in 2018.

Eyelash extensions don’t ruin the natural lash

“The number one misconception is that they will ruin your own natural lash. This is false! It’s all about your lash stylist not adding lashes that are too heavy or too long for your natural lashes to handle,” say Ramona Azcona and Julie Mella, owners of She Winks Lash Studio in NYC. “The correct amount of lash glue is also important, it should not be too much or clumpy.”

Azcona and Mella add that it’s essential to research eyelash salons before making an appointment, ensuring that the technicians are experienced, licensed & properly trained.

They last for awhile

While there’s no set rule for how long lash extensions will or will not last, factors like makeup and hair growth cycles effect the duration of peak wear.

“Typically, a client will come in for an eyelash extension fill every two to four weeks. If you don’t get a fill, the lash extensions will shed, one by one, with your natural lash cycle, and will all be gone in about six weeks or so,” says Dani Winkles, owner of the Lash Bar in Seattle.

There’s many different varieties

Whether you’re pining for Cleopatra-long lashes or a natural look, there’s many different options to choose from. With mink, silk and synthetic choices as popular options, Winkles recommends silk as her ideal choice, noting that it’s more gentle for the eyelids.

It’s no quick appointment

According to Amazing Lash Studio execs Jessica Le and My-Hang Do, a first installation for a full set of lashes takes 120 minutes, while refills take between 45-60 minutes. While this may seem lengthy, it’s all for good reason; during the session, one can expect to lay on a massage table with one’s lower lashes covered, as the extensions will be applied only to the upper lashes one at a time, Amazing Lash Studio’s FAQ states.

“Often we get asked if having lash extensions applied will hurt, and that's also a common misperception as the application process is so comfortable that the majority of our guests fall asleep and take what we like to call a lash nap,” they say.

They won’t inhibit daily activities

“You can shower, swim, exercise and sweat and they will stay intact. It's a common misconception that they are more temporary or that swimming and contact with water is prohibited,” Le and Do note.

“There is a period immediately following application, for a day or two with most applications, that we recommend one avoids such things, but this time period is minimal and is worthwhile to ensure the longevity of wear, as it gives the adhesive proper time to cure.”

There’s some rules for upkeep…

After the lashes are on, you may have to filter through your cosmetic bag. Oil-based and water-proof cosmetics near the eyes are a no, as well as using lash curlers or heaters on the synthetic lash, Le and Do say.

...But you’ll never feel more glam

“There are absolutely NO challenges in wearing lash extensions. They are super light and comfy when applied properly. You don’t even feel them,” Azcona and Mella say. “Whether it’s when you wake up, are at the beach or getting off an over night flight, you look flawless. Once you get lash extensions there won’t ever be a moment you regret it!”

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