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Beginner Russian Volume Training


What will you learn in this course


  • Important information about eyelashes strength, capabilities & stress points

  • Detailed info about eyelash extensions & how to use them correctly

  • Lash Adhesive logic in Volume Techniques

  • Define the meaning of Styling for Volume looks

  • Learn to identify EyeShapes & choose proper volume styling

  • Fan Creation & Perfection (base, width, shape)

  • How to mix Classic and Volume techniques ( hybrid styles)

  • Detailed Step By Step Technique on Application using images & videos

  • Four (4) different techniques how to create fans

  • Troubleshooting

Results you can achieve

What Happens After You Buy The Course


Step 1

Once You complete your order, the Training Kit will be shipped to your location. 


Step 2

Once You receive your Kit (usually 3-5 working days) the Master will give you Access to The CraftMaster App with all the Educational Material


Step 3

Together with the Master's support, you learn & practice through the CraftMaster app your new skill (including performing on your own model)


Step 4

Once You complete the 11 levels (usually 1 and 1/2 month) you get Graduated and Receive by Mail Your Personalised PhiAcademy Logo as well as Your Official Certificate

Choose Your Master 

Different Masters Have Different Languages


Free With Every Course You Buy


Hygiene Course (worth 700$)

Health Standards, Contamination and Infections, Tools Hygiene, etc.


Marketing Course (worth 500$)

Communication, Design, Customer First, Follow up, etc.


— Name, Title

Dermatologic Course (worth 700$)

Skin Types, Disorders, Melamine Pigmentation etc.

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