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Beginner Russian Volume Training


What will you learn in this course


  • Important information about eyelashes strength, capabilities & stress points

  • Detailed info about eyelash extensions & how to use them correctly

  • Lash Adhesive logic in Volume Techniques

  • Define the meaning of Styling for Volume looks

  • Learn to identify EyeShapes & choose proper volume styling

  • Fan Creation & Perfection (base, width, shape)

  • How to mix Classic and Volume techniques ( hybrid styles)

  • Detailed Step By Step Technique on Application using images & videos

  • Four (4) different techniques how to create fans

  • Troubleshooting

Results you can achieve

What Happens After You Buy The Course


Step 1

Once You complete your order, the Training Kit will be shipped to your location. 


Step 2

Once You receive your Kit (usually 3-5 working days) the Master will give you Access to The CraftMaster App with all the Educational Material


Step 3

Together with the Master's support, you learn & practice through the CraftMaster app your new skill (including performing on your own model)


Step 4

Once You complete the 11 levels (usually 1 and 1/2 month) you get Graduated and Receive by Mail Your Personalised PhiAcademy Logo as well as Your Official Certificate

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