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PhiLashes Basic Foundation Training - Online

What will you learn in this course

  • Basic foundation information about eyelashes growth, health and life cycle (anagen, catagen, etc)

  • The fundamentals about synthetic lash extensions (curls, lengths, thicknesses and their meanings)

  • Lash Adhesive logic and how to use it correctly

  • Define the meaning of Styling (Cat, Squirrel, Dolly, Natural, etc)

  • Learn to identify EyeShapes & choose proper styling

  • Produce Uniformity

  • Client Preparation (cleansing and procedures)

  • Detailed Step By Step Technique on Application using images & videos

  • Post Treatment Care

  • Troubleshooting

Results you can achieve

image00002 (1).jpeg

Start Learning in 4 Simple Steps

  1.  After Buying the Course, you download the Craftmaster Application on one of your devices (smart phone, tablet, ipad…) available on App Store and Google Play Store and we activate it for you.

  2. You receive your PhiLashes kit by mail (Contents of the Kit in the Pictures).

  3. You begin going through the various levels in the application.

  4. With the Master's supervision over the next 6 months, you develop your skills, master each level, and ultimately achieve the PhiLashes standard.

With PhiLashes you are embarking on an incredible opportunity to dramatically      increase your current income, provide a highly sought after service, and increase the confidence of your new clients! 

PhiLashes Basic Training Available in 4 languages 


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